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As soon as pt is shifted to indoor patient department after normal delivery or caesarean section she is immediately attended by a medical officer & trained staff nurse. They check the vitals of both mother & newborn baby, which in mother is pulse, B.P, Bleeding & wound site & in baby, resp rate, skin colour any discharge from mouth or umbilicus.

Then doctor on duty will educate & encourage pt for taking care of herself & baby. She is encouraged to take healthy nourishing diet which is provided by hospital, plus ingestion of lots of liquids orally. she is taught & initially assisted by trained staff nurse for giving breast feeding to baby which is very important in first few hours of life.

Then vaccination is also given in our hospital within 24-48 hrs (if baby is full term &/or of good weight) by a senior pediatrician.

On discharge patient is given full instruction about importance of continuing breastfeeding as long as possible, caring of wound , necessity of continuing supplements of iron & calcium for minimum upto 3 to 4 months & detailed advise regarding methods of contraception (to avoid immediate pregnancy) and postnatal exercise to get back the pre pregnant state as early as possible.

we at our center are doing caesarean section scar closer by sub cutaneous stich , so that hospital stay get minimized to 3 days, leaves no scar on abdomen ,cosmetically good & post operative recovery is fast.