Egg Donation

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Egg Donation

An egg donor woman donates her eggs to an infertile couple, which are fertilized with husband’s sperm and resulting good grade embryos are transferred back to the wife’s uterus after optimal preparation.

  • Advanced age of female partner(>40 years) is associated with a decline in quantity and quality of her eggs and hence decreased fertility.
  • Certain women suffer from decreased ovarian reserve( low AMH) even before they reach 40 years of age
  • Early onset of menopause (premature ovarian failure) which can occur in women as early as their 20’s or 30’s can require a woman to use donor eggs to grow her family.
  • Some women are born without ovaries or other reproductive organs. Sometimes a woman’s reproductive organs have been damaged due to disease or have been forced to have them surgically removed or those whose ovaries have been damaged by chemotherapy or radiotherapy which she may have undergone for cancer treatment.
  • Another indication would be a genetic disorder on part of the woman that can be over-comed by using eggs from healthy egg donor.
  • Many women have none of these issues, but continue to be unsuccessful using their own eggs (multiple IVF failure)
Congenital absence of eggs
  • Turner syndrome
  • Gonadal dysgenesis
Acquired reduced egg quantity / quality
  • Oophorectomy
  • Premature menopause
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Autoimmunity – (for eg. Hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus)
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Diseases of X-chromosome linkage
  • Repetitive fertilization or pregnancy failure
  • Ovaries inaccessible for egg retrieval
Donor screening

First, it will be necessary for the donor to undergo a thorough medical examination, including a pelvic exam, blood draw to check health status and to test for infectious diseases, and an ultrasound to examine her ovaries, uterus and other pelvic organs.

Our screening criteria
  • Donor age – 21 -30 years
  • Ever married
  • Has borne atleast one healthy child of her own
  • Healthy
  • Family history – does not have any inheritable disease
  • Blood tests – Blood Group, Complete blood count, random blood sugar, serum creatinine (renal function tests), SGPT (liver function tests), PT – INR ( Blood co-agulation test), Urine routine microscopy, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hemoglobin electrophoeresis (Thalassemia screening), TSH (THYROID FUNCTION TEST)
  • These evaluations are necessary to ensure that the donor is fully prepared and capable of completing the donation cycle safely and successfully.
Legally anonymous

In India egg donations are legally anonymous as per ICMR guidelines, which means that neither egg donor nor infertile couple to whom she donates her eggs are known to each other. Neither is aware of other’s identity.

Donor matching & egg donor profiles
  • After donor is screened and deemed eligible for egg donation, she is matched to the recipient couple.
  • Matching involves allocating same blood group egg donor to the recipient
  • Recipient is allotted donor of similar physical characteristics – height, weight, complexion, hair colour, eye colour.
  • Recipients are provided with the matching donor’s profiles, among which they may select their preferred donor. Donor profile is provided in the following format : M1 form as per ICMR guidelines
Egg donation procedure
  • Once the screening is complete, consent is signed by her and her husband to withdraw all legal rights to the offspring that shall be born thus.
  • After selection of a matching egg donor for a recipient their menstrual cycles are synchronized with help of birth control pills.
  • Donor is administered injections from day 2/3 of her menstrual cycle for a period of 8-10 days on antagonist ( short) protocol , during this time she undergoes trans vaginal sonography to detect follicular size and number on 2-3 occasions, egg retrieval is planned once follicles are mature sized.
  • On day of donor’s egg retrieval, recipient couple’s husband is asked to give an ejaculated semen sample. When husband of recipient couple cannot produce a semen sample on the same day or is unavailable on that day, then his previously frozen semen sample can be used to fertilise the donor eggs.
  • Eggs thus collected are fertilized with recipient couple’s husband’s sperm and resulting good grade embryos are transferred back to uterus of recipient couple’s wife and excess are frozen for future use if necessary for the recipient couple only.
How Sunflower Women’s Hospital differs ?
  • We run thorough investigations of the egg donor in addition to the routine screening criteria in order to ensure excellent results ( healthy, genetically normal baby) for our recipients
  • Karyotype of all egg donors
  • Clinical Exome if required – Screening the egg donor for certain genetic disorders (8000- 9000 genes) which are common, depending on recipient couples genetic history.
Sunflower Women’s Hospital – success rates with donor egg in single embryo transfer attempt
Successful outcome with egg donation – IVF in case of couple with previous 3 children expired due to cystic fibrosis
  • A couple approached us after having lost three children within few days after birth from perfectly uneventful pregnancies.
  • Her third child was finally diagnosed to have cystic fibrosis.
  • When they consulted us, wife’s age was 38 years, on sonography and blood test she was diagnosed with decreased ovarian reserve.
  • Hence we discussed with the couple about egg donation IVF.
  • Next we ran targetted gene analysis of husband for cystic fibrosis and also did clinical exome of husband and egg donor to rule out presence of any other defective genes that may result in a child with genetic disorder.
  • Then we did egg donation IVF cycle, single blastocyst was transferred and resulted in a term birth of female child.
Healthy birth after premature menopause secondary to chemotherapy
  • A couple consulted us for infertility, his wife had premature menopause due to chemotherapy she had undergone as a teenager for leukemia ( blood cancer)
  • We counselled them for egg donation.
  • She concieved in her second embryo transfer attempt and delivered a healthy male child.
Birth of healthy male and female twins to a woman who had undergone removal of both ovaries for borderline ovarian cancer.
  • A laboratory technician by profession consulted us with infertility and bilateral ovarian masses.
  • She underwent MRI and extensive blood investigation to determine nature of ovarian masses, and was then planned for staging exploratory laparotomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. A frozen section analysis was performed, which revealed the masses to be of borderline histopathology, hence uterus was preserved.
  • She later underwent egg donation IVF and concieved in her first embryo transfer attempt.
  • She delivered healthy twins at term via elective LSCS : one boy and one girl.
Birth of healthy male child to couple with one son affected with Duchenne muscular dystrophy(DMD).
  • A couple with one son affected with duchenne muscular dystrophy consulted us for further treatment.
  • His wife was a carrier of the disorder, which is X linked recessive. Since they were not very affording and could not afford ICSI with PGS( pre implantation genetic diagnosis), they took 2 more attempts at natural conception, but to their dismay each time they had an affected pregnancy (DMD) after determination with amniocentesis and terminated the same.
  • Since they were not affording they chose to opt for egg donation IVF.
  • She delivered a healthy male child at term.
Successful pregnancy in patient a super 47 XXX female with premature ovarian failure
  • A couple consulted us after 3 yrs of married life or infertility.
  • The female partner had primary amenorrhoea but had not undergone evaluation for same in detail.
  • When they consulted us we ran a couple of tests on her, she had 47 XXX on her chromosomal analysis which is one of the reasons for premature menopause.
  • Hence they underwent egg donation IVF with us.
  • She concieved in her second embryo transfer attempt and delivered a healthy female child.
Successful twin birth with egg donation IVF in a couple with history of repeated fertilisation failures.
  • A couple underwent 3 IVF-ICSI cycles with us, each time to land up with poor fertilisation and poor embryo formation.
  • Inspite of in depth evaulation for the same no cause could be determined.
  • Hence we offered them egg donation IVF.
  • They concieved in their first cycle of egg donation IVF.
  • She delivered healthy twins at 34 weeks, who were kept in NICU for 7 days and discharged home healthy.