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Antenatal Care

Antenatal Care

Our maternity unit at Women’s Hospital gives expectant parents an opportunity to meet experienced obstetricians and gynaecologists on a one-to-one basis before the birth of their baby.

Women are offered antenatal checkups usually monthly in their early pregnancy, fortnightly after 28 weeks and weekly after 34 -35 weeks.

We offer them full range of blood investigations called the antenatal profile along with thyroid and diabetes screening with 50 grams of oral glucose.

Our fully equipped sonography unit with six modern ultrasonography and Doppler machines and one 3D and 4D machine gives the obstetric team an opportunity to assess the growth, heartbeats and blood flow to the baby. The parents can actually see their unborn wonders kicking, sucking , moving and doing all sorts of playful activity in the mothers’ womb. A CD of the same is provided for them to enjoy it with their family members at home.

A detailed ultrasound scan is done in the first , second, and third trimester and more frequently, if required , as in cases of oligohydramnios, pregnancy induced hypertension, intra uterine growth retardation and other obstetric and medical complications or if the doctor feels so.

In the later weeks of pregnancy, we do a functional assessment of the baby’s heartbeats with a cardiotocograph and if required, a colour Doppler test of the baby’s major blood vessels.

Immunization against tetanus by giving two shots of tetanus toxoid injections spaced over 4 to 6 weeks is done during the antenatal period. In cases where the Rh blood group of the parents does not match , injection anti-D is given. Adequate haemaitinics and calcium coverage is done during the antenatal period.

When to come to hospital for Antenatal Care?

When it is time to come to hospital, please give a call at the hospital telephone numbers or any of your consultant obstetricians. It is important that you call and come up immediately if

Where and how to come for Antenatal Care?

Report at the front reception desk or in case of emergency wherever your consultant doctor advises you. There is round the clock expert gynaecologist’s service available in case of emergency. You can book for the ambulance in advance at our reception in case you do not have your own conveyance.

What to bring for Antenatal Care?

Ours is a fully equipped hospital and all you need to bring is your articles of personal use, your toiletries. You will be provided with hospital gowns and your little one will be dressed up in hospital clothes and nappies and baby wraps. However, if you wish to bring new clothes for your baby, you may. You should bring the medication that is ongoing.