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OPD Sonography for Different Diagnosis

 OPD Sonography
 OPD Sonography

Be it Infertility or obstetrics, USG in the basic tool for every Gynaecologist and obstetrician in the outdoor department. It is a noninvasive test used in practically all visits of the patient and gives important clues to the diagnosis of various problems. Early pregnancy diagnosis, number of fetuses, growth and fetal well being, fibroids, ovarian masses, pelvic inflammation, adenomyosis and endometriosis, all sort of basic evaluation can be derived from the first OPD Sonography.

Sonography Advantages

  • Because the sonogram uses sound waves and not radiation, it’s completely safe.
  • In addition, a sonogram can offer details X-rays can’t.
  • It’s painless and in just about every case, the person receiving the sonogram will not be inconvenienced or made to feel uncomfortable in any way.
  • Even more important, the sonogram is safe for the unborn child.

Sonography Preparation

There is not too much preparation involved for a sonogram. It is dependent on the area to be examined. For instance, those who are having an abdominal sonogram may be asked not to eat or drink anything for 12 Perior so their doctor can better examine the abdomen. A pregnant woman is usually asked to drink lots of water before her sonogram, as it helps the doctor to see the fetus a little better. Loose, comfortable clothing should be worn in order to make the procedure run a little smoother. Other than that, read all the instructions provided by your doctor.