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Dos and Dont’s after Embryo Transfer


  • Maintain a healthy diet and life style
  • Take your medications regularly as advised.
  • Consult your treating doctor for any querries.
  • Keep yourself engaged by reading good books, pursuing your hobbies.
  • Keep your self stress free.
  • Take adequate rest and sleep.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and family support because mental health is very important along with physical health.
  • Pamper yourself and stay positive.
  • Flying is relatively safe after embryo transfer but we recomend flying after 48 hrs of embryo transfer.


  • Don’t eat outside food or junk food.
  • Don’t do vigorousor strenous exercise.
  • Don’t self treat your symptoms or complications.
  • Don’t go for absolute bed rest. It does not impact your results.
  • Don’t drink alcohol or don’t smoke.
  • Don’t take too much tea or coffee.
  • Avoid hot baths, saunas, acupunture, etc.

Gynaec Sonography during pregnancy

In this scan we determine the number of fetus, the viability diagnose whether the pregnancy is intrauteriene or extra uterine.

many of first trimester abortions can occur around nine weeks. This scan will screen these cases.

This is a very specialised scan. It will

  • screen for major anomalies like acrania,omphalocele,major cardiac defects,etc.
  • screening for aneuploidies with help of markers like NT, NB, DV, TR.
  • Screening for pre eclampsia with help of uterine artery PI.In high risk cases,(who are likely to develop severe PIH,IUGR), we can start precautionary medications,
  • Screening for high risk for preterm with help of cervical length.
  • It is necessary that this scan be done by an expert.We have FMF-UK as a benchmark who gives licence for doing this scan. Here at Sunflower Hospital, this scan is done by an FMF certified sonologist and the risk assessment is given by one of the best softwares in the world.

This is the scan which is also known as 3D -4D scan by the general layman population.This scan can diagnose major and minor anomalies in fetus eg.-facial anomalies like cleft lip,cardiac anomalies,limb anomalies,spinal and brain defects.Fetal organs like stomach,kidneys etc are also screened.

Also various soft markers like NB,ventriculomegaly,echogenic bowel,ARSA etc are also seen.

Also we see for growth of fetus,cervical length and doppler of fetus.

Fetal echo is dedicated fetal ultrasound to screen and diagnose fetal heart related conditions. Here we see the cardiac chambers, valves, blood flow, cardiac function and rhythm of the fetus.

Very few sonologists are confident in fetal echo. Here at Sunflower Hospital, we have a dedicated team which is well experienced in fetal and neonatal cardiac studies.

This scan is extremely important for screening growth curve of fetus.Growth restricted fetus can be monitored and delivered timely so that we can achieve a healthy baby at the end.

Also certain late developing anomalies of brain,heart,intestine,kidneys can be seen at this stage.

This scan helps in monitoring growth ,liquor especially important for high risk pregnancy,so that delivery can be timed well.

The main aim of this whole schedule is to achieve a healthy baby and a healthy mother.

How to prepare before IVF Cycle

Ideally prepare yourself 3-6 months before an IVF cycle.

Here are some tips before undergoing IVF cycle.

  • Clean up your diet. Follow a healthy lifestyle. Follow a healthy diet with increase in antioxidant intake.
  • Avoid processed foods, junk foods.
  • Stop smoking, alcohol, reduce your caffeine intake.
  • Keep yourself stressfree, get plenty of rest. Meditation done under proper guidance helps you focus on your inner self and helps in keeping your mind balanced and positive.
  • Improve your sleep.
  • Get surrounded by the right people who can give you positivity.
  • Selelct an appropriate fertility clinic for your treatment.
  • Choose a hospital which has well experienced doctors, latest techniques and technology to improve success rate and the best overall IVF success rate.
  • Switch to medications which are safe in pregnancy .