Maternity Services

+Investigation of Female
+Investigation of Male
+Ovulation Induction
+Surgical Sperm Aspiration
+Other Surgeries
Maternity Services

Pregnancy is the biggest gift of God. We ensure that your experience is full of comfort & happiness till the healthy baby is in your lap. Our maternity unit boasts of state-of-art facilities and an ambience that exudes the warmth and protection that a woman requires during delivery.

We at SFWH have an expert team of obstetricians and gynaecologists, Dr R G Patel, Dr Shweta Saxena and Dr Nishita Maheshvari. We aim to make our patient’s journey from conception till childbirth the most positive, enjoyable, enriching, and memorable experience.

We aim to make your childbirth whether vaginal delivery or caesarean section the most enjoyable and painless procedure. Caesarean section (LSCS) is done by stitchless technique with only two days hospital stay and excellent recovery.

All deliveries are attended by expert qualified neonatologists and any major or minor neonatal problems are immediately solved. We have saved very preterm (26 week) babies also.

  • 3CTG Machine (Foetal Monitoring Machine)
  • An exclusive Modern Labour Suite
  • Complete facility of Epidural analgesic (Painless delivery protocol)
  • Two operation theateres for ceasarean section
Labour room
LSCS in progress
Neonate at SFWH
Triplets born at SFWH