High Risk Delivery

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+Surgical Sperm Aspiration
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High Risk Delivery

The high risk pregnant patient can come with bad obstetric history or with a well recognized medical complication. The majority of high risk pregnant patients are women who in the course of otherwise normal pregnancies, develop unexpected severe complications which require difficult management decisions with occasionally compromised fetal or maternal outcome.

Reasons of ‘High Risk Pregnancy’

  • Those that require invasive procedures for fetal diagnosis and therapy e.g. Rh iso-immunization, non immune fetal hydrops, fetal congenital heart blocks.
  • Those with severe medical complications affecting the mother such as diabetes, cardiac disease grade 3 and 4, sickle cell disease, SLE.
  • Those with recurrent poor obstetrical outcome such as habitual abortion, recurrent still birth, recurrent PROM, recurrent preterm labour.