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Other Surgeries

Abdominal Surgeries

For almost any type of abdominal surgery may it be cesarean section, abdominal hysterectomy or other kind of major laparotomies for any reason most of the time we put bikini incision and give cosmetic scar. we at our center are doing caesarean section scar closer by sub cutaneous stich , so that hospital stay get minimized to 3 days, leaves no scar on abdomen ,cosmetically good & post operative recovery is fast.

Vaginal Hysterectomy

Means removal of uterus through vaginal route.

In this we have got an expertise of removing almost any size of uterus through vagina. Simultaneously as per patient ovaries and fallopian tubes can also be removed from below down.

Vaginal wall laxity can be corrected by AP Repair (i.e. cystocele, rectocele & Enterocele repair)

Benefits are almost comparable to advantages of Endoscopy as mentioned previously with not even a single stitch on abdomen. As no other structures are touched , recovery is fastest.

Transobturator Sling Operation for stress urinary incontinence (SUI)

Oncosurgery for uterine, ovarian and cervical malignancies