Endopath Laboratory

+Investigation of Female
+Investigation of Male
+Ovulation Induction
+Surgical Sperm Aspiration
+Other Surgeries
Endopath Laboratory (NABL Acrredited)
Equipped with high-tech instruments :
  1. COBAS CIII Roche Germany continuous random access photometery analyzer for Bio chemistry
  2. ERMA FULLY AUTOMATIC BLOOD CELL COUNTER (JAPAN) Pioneer & fully automated cell counter tor accurate hemogram report
  3. COBAS e411 Roche Germany ECL – Elctro chemiluminecence Technology Quick & quality result (Thyroid, Fertility, Tumor markers, markers, maternal care, infectious diseases, bone markers)
  4. VITROS DT 60 II, DTE II & VITROS DTSC II, Johnson & Johnson – USA Automated Dry chemistry system for accurate electrolyte & other Enzymes, biochemistry & drug analysis
  5. MICROLAB 300 LX, MERCK – Netherlands Semi automated clinical biochemistry analyzer
  6. TURBOX, Orion Diagnostics – FINLAND For quick & accurate measurement of CRP, HsCRP, RA, Microalbumin, ASO & Fibrinogen by immunoturbidimetric method
  7. ELDEX 3.8 LILAC ELISA System immunoserology system for assessment of ANA, APA, Tuberculosis markers, DHEA-s. Dengue ever marker etc.
  8. BECTON DICKINSON fiber optic QBC system Malaria parasite detection by QBC WESTERN BLOT FOR HIV
  9. Diazyme smart analyzer USA Novel enzyme cycling method (HCY, HbA1c)
  10. Arterial Blood Gas Analyzer – epoc portable (bedside) Machine