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Tubal Patency Test

Tubal Patency Test


This test involves injecting a radio opaque dye through the cervix into the uterine cavity and performing X ray imaging at the same time to determine exit of dye through the fimbrial end of the tube to determine tubal patency.

Tubal Patency Test
Tubal Patency Test
  • Bilateral free spill off dye suggests normal tubal function
  • HSG also gives a fair idea of uterine cavity
  • However sometimes due to cornual spasm or improper technique, HSG test may show tubal block in the presence of none.
  • HSG is a painful procedure.
  • Hence we at Sunflower Women’s Hospital, don’t prefer to perform this test as first line test in evaluation female partner.



  • This test is not a very accurate test to determine tubal function.
  • It involves saline injection of uterine cavity
  • It only determines tubal patency by presence of saline in pouch of douglas and hence it cannot differentiate whether a single or both tubes are patent