Role of Endoscopy

+Investigation of Female
+Investigation of Male
+Ovulation Induction
+Surgical Sperm Aspiration
+Other Surgeries
Role of Endoscopy
  • Diagnosis & treatment simultaneously.
  • No scar / stitches on abdomen & cosmetically superior.
  • Short hospital stay & faster recovery.
  • Early resumption of daily activity.
  • Endoscopic visualization of the uterine cavity.
  • Diagnostic & therapeutic for uterine septum, polyps, sub-mucus fibroids,asherman’s syndrome, foreign body etc.
  • It is endoscopic visualization of abdominal cavity through small hole.
  • Diagnostic & therapeutic for uterine fibroids, tubal pathologies, ovarian pathologies, PCOD, endometriosis, adhesions, etc.
  • Endoscopic visualization of the inner part of the fallopian tube up to the ampullary portion of the tube.

It shows the functional capacity of the tube so that, we can decide whether to offer IUI & IVF-ET…