Success Rate of IUI

+Investigation of Female
+Investigation of Male
+Ovulation Induction
+Surgical Sperm Aspiration
+Other Surgeries
Success Rate of IUI

Average Success rate of IUI is 15% but at sunflower we have been giving succesful Pregnancy through IUI at around 20-30% & Last Nov.- 2020 the pragnancy rate was 40%.

Intrauterine insemination success rates vary considerably and depend on
  • age of the woman
  • type of ovarian stimulation used (if any) duration of infertility
  • cause of infertility
  • number and quality of motile sperm other factors
How many infertility treatment cycles should be done with insemination?

The chances for success per month drop off after about 3 attempts and drop considerably more after about 4-5 unsuccessful attempts. Therefore, IUI treatment is usually recommended for a maximum of about 3 or 4 tries.