Oral Medication

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Oral Medication

There are 2 main medications used for ovulation induction:

  • Letrozole – this is medication which is approved for ovulation induction recently and is proving to be far better than its counterpart clomephine citrate especially in PCOS patients, also carries the advantage of unifollicular development and no negative effect on endometrium.
  • Clomephine citrate – this drug was until recently used rampantly for ovulation induction, but now with letrozole having so many advantages is slowly going behind the door.

How are they administered ?

These oral drugs are usually started from day 2-5 of the menstrual cycle for a period of 5 days

Monitoring of the cycle

Ultrasound monitoring is started a week after start of the drug.Usually when ovulation induction is done with oral medicines, trigger injection is administered once follicle measures about 22- 29 mm.

Trigger administration and ovulation

Ovulation takes place 36-40 hours after trigger administration.