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What is gonadotropins ?

Gonadotropins are FSH and LH hormones that are responsible for the events which ultimately result in ovulation.
FSH and LH when given in pharmacological doses can be used for multifollicular development in a single menstural cycle.

Why are they only available in injectable form ?

These hormones are only available in the injectable form, as they are broken down by the gut.


Injectables versus oral medications

They are more expensive than the oral medications.
Their dosing needs to be fine tuned, else will lead to a sub optimal response or hyper response.


They are available in both urinary and recombinant forms.
Urinary forms are cheaper but have a disadvantage of leading to allergic reactions in few patients and less consistent results.
Recombinant gonadotropins though more expensive, have an advantage of nearly null allergic reactions and more consistent results across number of cycles and patients.

Formulations 1

Protocols for ovulation induction for Timed intercourse or Intra uterine insemination cycles
Step up
Step down
Low chronic step up

Formulations 2