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What is the difference between IVF and a test tube baby?

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What is the difference between IVF and a test tube baby?
Are the test tube baby and IVF procedure different?

Test tube baby is a non-medical term used as an alternative to IVF treatment. So, technically a test-tube baby and an IVF baby are the same things. The test tube baby or IVF procedure is an assisted fertility procedure that helps infertile couples conceive their babies in vitro. In India, 10% to 15% of men have infertility problems, and thirty million couples are diagnosed with infertility problems, of which 3 million actively resort to infertility treatment.

Two decades ago, a test-tube baby was the subject of much discussion, and people were not fully aware of the process and gave birth to many legends that many young aspiring couples wanted to have children. Therefore, this article aims to dispel the myths surrounding the test-tube baby and the IVF procedure so that there is better clarity in conscious decision-making.

Test tube babies are not genetically identical

The test tube babies are made in vitro by extracting, mixing, and fertilizing the female oocyte with the sperm in the lab. Since the process is gamete-based, the children tested are genetically identical. However, the couple may also choose to use another fetus for reproduction with legal formalities.

Test tube babies are relatively weak

There is no evidence that the test tube baby is relatively weak. This is a process that is almost four decades old, giving consistently good results. Today, more than 6 million test tube babies are produced worldwide.

Since test-tube babies are not born naturally, they cannot have their own babies.

Neither are they genetically different nor are they susceptible. So, there is no question that they cannot have their own children. Born on 25 July 1978 in Oldham, England, Louis Brown was the first test-tube baby. There have been numerous studies on its proven IVF procedure that test-tube safe and natural breeding is possible for babies.

The IVF procedure has been adopted very well in almost all countries for the last four decades. Many couples come to India for their IVF procedure because the cost of treatment is much lower compared to western countries, and the chances of IVF success are higher due to the latest advances.

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