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Some Important Methods to Prevent Infertility in Men From an Early Age

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Some Important Methods to Prevent Infertility in Men From an Early Age

Infertility is a weapon term for all situations that prevent women and men from having children. However, these problems can occur in different ways in a female or male spouse. There are different causes of female infertility which are widely discussed. The issues of male infertility on the other hand do not give much thought or importance to our society.

Today, low semen quality, genital infections, varicocele, etc. are some of the disorders for which men seek treatment for male infertility in Ahmedabad. And most of these disorders can be easily overcome by nurturing their overall health. If you are planning to start a family early, you should study the following factors in your regular life to ensure good fertility:

Follow a balanced diet:

  • Reducing the intake of fats or carbs cannot be considered a balanced diet unless you try to lose more weight.
  • Our infertility specialists in Ahmedabad state that a balanced diet includes foods high in monounsaturated fat, vegetable protein, high fiber, and low glycemic carbohydrates.
  • So, be sure to include enough food, fruits, green leafy vegetables, beans, and nuts in your daily diet.

Maintain Ideal Body Weight:

  • Obesity is the best cause of infertility in men and women alike. Excess body fat dexterity reduces the body’s ability to perform vital functions and negatively affects the reproductive system.
  • Regular exercise to reduce excess fat and maintain an ideal weight close to your BMI ensures healthy management of the fertility system and improvement in semen quality.

Monitor your lifestyle choices:

  • India best IVF doctor states that the growing number of Indian men having low-quality semen is mainly due to our current lifestyle. Sitting for the main part of the day, increasing stress, increasing smoking and drinking problems, and harmful environmental toxins are the factors contributing to lifestyle-induced male infertility disorders today.
  • All men today should look at their habits and include more health-related activities in their routine. They should take necessary precautions to prevent smoking, drinking alcohol, and environmental pollution affecting their body and fertility system.

Perform timely fertility testing:

  • The gravest problem with Indian men is their mentality of considering infertility test a taboo or something questioning their masculinity. We must recognize that infertility is a medical disorder with proper treatment.
  • Then, for any other disorder, you may choose to do preventive, diagnostic tests, including semen analysis, hormone level checks, and a comprehensive physical exam to quickly detect any secondary problems of infertility.

At Sunflower Hospital our infertility specialist in Ahmedabad is constantly striving to spread awareness about the dangers of today’s male infertility. If you are trying to have a baby for about twelve months without success, you should consult our doctors and seek treatment for our advanced male infertility in Ahmedabad.

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