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Labour and Delivery

Labour & Delivery Overview

Caring for Moms and Babies Like No One Else Can

Nothing compares with the excitement of early labour: After months of waiting for baby to arrive, you’ve entered the final stretch, and it won’t be long before you’ll be holding your new little one in your arms.

Your journey toward a memorable and happy delivery begins when you pre-register to have your baby at Sunflower Women’s Hospital.

We are recognized for our trained staff, state-of-the-art facilities and high level of care for women and newborns, so you can be assured that you and your baby will receive the most comprehensive care possible.

When you and your support person arrive at the hospital, you will be taken on the second floor, where you will be assessed and monitored for your progress throughout your entire labour.

Our physicians, nurses and other experts are sensitive to the emotional and physical needs of their patients. That’s why mothers-to-be and new mothers are cared for in beautiful, private accommodations. The contemporary facilities create an atmosphere of comfort for excited parents-in-waiting. Deluxe private rooms with upgraded amenities such as nutritious meals, in-room television are also available.

When baby’s arrival is imminent, the delivery team moves with the precision of an orchestra to set everything into place. High- tech equipment needed for delivery has been tucked neatly away in the room until this moment. While all of the preparations are going on, other staff members continue to monitor you and your baby and to offer encouragement as you prepare for the big arrival.

Immediately after delivery, you will be introduced to your new little one. Then he or she will be washed and checked for good health. Your post-delivery needs will also be met at this time. Your baby will be cared for by a thoughtful and competent team of neonatologists.