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International Patient Stories

Case of primary infertility with adenomyotic uterus, thin endometrium, and severe oligoasthenospermia with high FSH in male partner (10 IVF cycles failed outside)

NRI couple having infertility of 9 years came to us at Sunflower Women’s Hospital with multiple problems. Lady was having strong PCOS, grossly adenomyotic uterus with thin endometrium. Her husband was having severe Oligoasthenospermia with very high FSH. They had history of 10 cycles of IVF failed outside in different centers. Long with these problems, couple was also terribly depressed. After history and reassessment of wife and husband, medical and social counseling, we put them on medication to improve sperm count (for husband). Then couple was planned for IVF cycle with own eggs and own sperm. ICSI was done and good numbers of embryos were formed and all were cryopreserved.

Despite lack of time (since they were on limited period visa), decision for freezing all embryos was taken. Subsequently treatment for adenomyotic uterus and thin endometrium was done. Medicine and scratch therapy was given to improve endometrium. Later, she was taken up for frozen thaw embryo transfer and two day 5 embryos were transferred. She conceived in first cycle. At present healthy single pregnancy is going on. Couple is very happy, for them it was a miracle

Twin birth in couple after 2 IVF failures in South Africa

An African Origin Couple from Johannesburg attended Sunflower Women’s Hospital OPD with history of seven years primary Infertility. Woman had undergone 2 cycles of IVF in her country.

4D USG showed PCOS with Adenomyotic Uterus & Arcuate shaped endometrial cavity.

She was posted for operative hysteroscopy and cavity was restored to near normal.

She underwent ovarian stimulation (COH) at our center with subsequent ovum pick up (OPU). Embryos were prepared using husband sperm. We decided to freeze all embryos (cryopreservation) to enhance implantation and prevent OHSS.

Two embryos were transferred in subsequent cycle (thaw cycle) with endometrial preparation in October 2016.

She conceived in first attempt at Sunflower Women’s Hospital. She had Twin pregnancy (DCDA). She followed up with us till 14 weeks and went back to her country for further ANC and delivery. She delivered healthy twins in South Africa on 8th June 2017.

  • An NRI couple with primary infertility of 10 years presented to Dr R G Patel’s OPD.
  • She had previous 5 failed IVF-ED cycles done in other IVF Centers..
  • In Sunflower Women’s Hospital after thorough hormonal evaluation and 4D USG; she was stimulated by HMG (150 IU).
  • OPU revealed 3 ovum, all of them were fertilized by her husband’s sperms. Day 3 ET was done of 3 Grade-I embryos ET was done.
  • Luteal support was given in standard doses of estradiol valerate, micronized progesterone, dydrogesterone & LMWH.
  • Day 15 HCG revealed positive results & she had single intra uterine pregnancy from her own embryo on the first attempt at our center.
  • At present she is 32 weeks and attending ANC OPD without significant risk factors.