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How Female Infertility can be treated with IVF Treatment?

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How Female Infertility can be treated with IVF Treatment?

How Female Infertility can be treated with IVF Treatment?

Today there are more and more women in this world looking for infertility treatment. Why? Because as significant number of women are entering the workforce, a lot are delaying child bearing for purpose of career-building but the biological clock and career clock are always in a conflict. As age advances fertility declines.

Infertility refers to the inability of a couple to conceive following one year of unprotected sexual intercourse. It is depressing and self-doubting. Several couples who suffer from infertility have experienced it. This is the most helpless phase a couple can be in. However, like many other things in life, infertility has many solutions to it.

When a couple is said to be infertile, the issue may lie with one or both the individuals. The distribution in terms of infertility is generally equivalent for both genders. In any case, here we talk about issues that render a woman infertile and which can be dealt with utilizing IVF, prominently known as Test Tube Baby Treatment.

  • Different hormonal dysfunctions are one of the top female infertility causes. One such hormonal disorder, PCOS, can cause inconsistent ovulation or even stop it altogether. Diagnosis of issues related to ovulation is done utilizing ultrasound and blood tests. Once the exact nature of the disorder is identified, proper treatment can be recommended.
  • Endometriosis is another noteworthy contributor to female infertility issues. A gynecological ailment, here cells from the uterine lining multiply into other areas of the body, mainly the pelvis and the reproductive system. Furthermore, although its exact reason is yet to be found, moderate to serious endometriosis directly impacts a woman’s fertility. The existence and extent of this illness are resolved laparoscopically, after which appropriate treatment starts.
  • A segment of infertile women tends to suffer from fallopian tube blockage, which is caused by various inflammations in the area around the fallopian tubes. Regularly a hazardous condition, the blockage can have internal causes or can be the result of external adhesions. Most common reason is a sexually transmitted disease like the pelvic inflammatory ailment. The blockage can hamper the egg’s journey to the uterus via the fallopian tube. Laparoscopy is utilized to detect tube blockage.
  • Among women younger than 40 and with fertility problems, primary ovarian inadequacy is a known cause. The ovaries probably won’t release eggs and if they do, it’s insufficient in amount. Blood tests and ultrasound scans help diagnose ovarian failure.
  • Problems related to the cervix can also come in the way of conception. Excess secretion of cervical mucus or sperm-destroying antibodies hampers fertility. The issue is analyzed by conducting a test directly after sexual intercourse to confirm the status of sperms in the cervix. Here, both IVF and IUI can help in conception.

Most treatments for infertility in women depend on appropriate, and timely, diagnoses of the above conditions. While these make up the medical reasons for infertility, there additionally exist a few non-medical or external causes.

As a woman ages, particularly from her mid-30s, odds of successful conception go down as her eggs see a fall in both quantity and quality. There are likewise environmental stimuli like weight, smoking and alcohol consumption as well as the sexual history that can influence fertility negatively.

Where does IVF come in?

If pregnancy is as yet not accomplished after treatments for the above issues, IVF treatment is the only recourse. Here the eggs from the female and the sperm from the male are collected separately. This is followed by fertilizing the egg utilizing the sperm in a lab before it is put inside the uterus of the female.

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