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Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation


A couple who requires both donor egg and donor sperm due to reasons enlisted below are transferred with embryos formed from donor gametes in the IVF laboratory.


  • The infertile couple, husband sperm cannot be retrieved even after surgical techniques and wife requires egg donation due to indications mentioned in previous section.
  • Can’t afford or can’t pursue adoption
  • Can’t afford more expensive fertility treatments like ICSI with surgically retrieved sperm
  • Have been unsuccessful with other forms of ART
  • Are at high risk of passing down genetic disorders but cannot pursue PGD.

Why Pursue Embryo Donation?

There are a number of benefits to turning to embryo donation in order to conceive:

  • Embryo donation is usually less expensive than other ART procedures, like ICSI with surgical sperm retrieval.
  • It is less complicated and expensive than adoption.
  • Embryo donation can help you to become pregnant and give birth within one year.

Drawbacks to Embryo Donation

Child born through embryo donation is not genetically related to the intended parents.

How Do You Go About Embryo Donation IVF?

  • Embryo donation is typically offered by fertility clinics specializing in the field.
  • Contrary to popular belief, only donor’s gametes can be used to form embryos for embryo donation, embryo donation can never be performed with infertile couples excess remaining embryos as per ICMR guidelines.

Donor screening & matching

Egg donor screening & matching is done in similar manner as described in previous section.

Donor screening & matching

Donor screening & matching

Procedure for embryo donation

  • After donor matching is done and donors screened and deemed eligible, recipient and egg donor’s menstrual cycle are synchronized with contraceptive pills if necessary.
  • The recipient’s endometrium is prepared wither through hormone replacement therapy or it can be done in recipients natural cycle or modified natural cycle and embryos are transferred at optimal time.

Sperm donor matching

We obtain donor sperm from a sperm bank, which has been sufficiently tested to prove sperm donors healthy condition at time of sperm donation after matching with husband’s blood group, physical characteristics( height, weight, complexion, eye colour, hair colour), educational qualifications, occupation.

Is Embryo Donation Safe?

  • Embryo donation is an extremely safe procedure, with all donors undergoing proper diagnostic screening prior to donation.
  • Many patients wonder if obtaining an embryo from donors could harm them in any way as it does not contain any of their genetic material, however there have been several successful pregnancies after the first child born thus in , and a donor embryo does not illicit any graft versus host reaction in the female.

Legal Aspects of Embryo Donation

  • In India egg and sperm donors waive parental rights once they donate their gametes. You and your partner become the legal parents of the embryo once it is implanted.
  • Egg and sperm donor are not known to each other as per ICMR guidelines of India . Click Here.

Embryo donation success rates over the years at Sunflower Women’s Hospital

Egg donor screening & matching is done in similar manner as described in previous section.

Embryo donation

Embryo donation