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Does Infertility Affect Relationships?

Does Infertility Affect Relationships?

Infertility issues are very common in men and women. The struggle for infertility is real and at times it can negatively affect the relationship. Both men and women have different ways of expressing their feelings. This guide will help you better understand the effects of infertility on a relationship.

The effect of infertility on the relationship

Most people experience conflict. Women are referred to as emotional caretakers. Women feel that if something bad happens it is because of them. Similarly, when a woman finds out about infertility, she takes all the responsibility for the condition.

At such times, their partner is required to accompany them to appointments, but most male partners are concerned about cost and time. There is no doubt, it is relevant and important. Men are known as financial providers in a relationship. They are trained to be practical and need to make decisions with emotions aside.

Luckily, by consulting our best Gynaecologist of India, you can get to know what you need to do. Infertility treatment will help improve your chances of conception. If you are struggling with this condition, visit our IVF center for a better treatment plan.

How does infertility affect women?

Women take responsibility for infertility, which results in various emotions such as fear, anger, or pain. Also, it can make you restless or frustrated. Feelings affect her in such a way that she does not understand how to ask for help, especially from her partner. She is afraid she will disappoint him. Men, on the other hand, feel that they are helpless and can’t help making it all better

This is the time when the couple feels that they have failed at such an important stage of their lives. Many couples are reluctant to talk about the condition and they do not confront each other as it affects their relationship.

Seek medical advice

You need to consult a fertility doctor and he can guide you in which treatment plan will best suit your condition. You should ask your Gynaecologist:

  • What do I need to take for my partner?
  • How can I support my partner?

Tips to help your partner during infertility

  • Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong or true. Once you identify your spouse’s feelings and what they want, you can better help them.
  • Communicate with your partner.
  • Share your thoughts and feelings about the treatment process and how you feel.
  • Ask your spouse what he or she wants.

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