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Debunking Myths of IVF Treatment

Debunking Myths of IVF Treatment

“IVF is the only solution for infertility.”

“You need to take time off for a long period for IVF treatment.”

Like these, you may have heard of many facts and myths about IVF treatment. How do you differentiate when you don’t have enough information?

We have listed the most common myths for couples seeking IVF treatment.

Myth #1 -

You need to take time off and rest to increase success rates.

You may have heard that after the IVF procedure, you need to take time off and rest for an extended period to enhance the success rate. However, it is partially true. You need to rest for some time after the procedure, not for long. If you are asked to rest for a long time due to your health conditions, it could have been with a normal pregnancy as well.

Myth #2 -

IVF treatment is suitable for all types of infertility.

IVF procedure is believed to be the last alternative to fertility treatments. It can also be the first one, depending on your health conditions. However, IVF cannot be the procedure for all types of infertility. IVF is one of the treatments, not the only one. We have the best infertility specialist in Gujarat that examines all the conditions and takes tests. Based on observation, they suggest fertility treatment to the couple.

Myth #3 -

IVF enhances a woman’s fertility.

The number and quality of eggs decrease with a woman's increasing age. Until the 30s, the reduction is slow. However, eggs drastically reduce after the mid-30s. And this entire process is natural. Now, IVF is one fertility treatment that helps women conceive. It does not mean the procedure enhances a woman's natural fertility or reverses the natural process of eggs in the ovaries.

Myth #4 -

IVF is the guaranteed fertility treatment.

The success of IVF treatment determines many factors, including the woman's age and the quality of transferred embryos. Hence, no infertility specialist can guarantee the success of IVF treatment. Sad, but it's true. However, you can choose Sunflower Hospital - the best IVF center in Gujarat, with a higher success rate for IVF procedures.

Myth #5 -

The medications given during IVF treatment have many side effects.

When hormones are given as medications, during IVF treatment for egg release, may have specific side effects, like mood swings or feeling emotional. However, these effects will stay till the eggs are released, or the embryo is transferred. Once the procedure is completed and the woman is pregnant, these effects will be gone. In addition, pregnancy may bring specific hormonal changes. But it is due to pregnancy which can happen during normal pregnancy as well, depending upon a woman's health condition.

Myth #6 -

The cost of IVF is the same for everyone.

It is not true. The cost of IVF depends on the health conditions of the couple. Yes, basic IVF costs remain the same. However, some couples require medications to enhance the success rate of IVF; others don’t. Hence, no one can tell you that IVF costs are the same for all or explain your IVF costs before examining your conditions. The couple’s conditions determine the IVF treatment cost in India.

Hopefully, you do not have any doubts about these myths of the IVF procedure. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us.

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