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Complete Health Checkup

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Complete Health Checkup

Mother Nature has blessed women with the body which can bear many tremors insults. As women one passes through experience of child bearing, child rearing, recurrent pregnancy losses if not then stress of infertility. [Luckily male gender has not to face all these]. We know that pregnancy may expose her for hypertension, diabetes, orthopedic problems, varicosity, heniation, piles, surgical interventions, blood loss depletion of calcium depot and so on. Even multiple partners, recurrent pregnancies may expose her for certain malignancies, considering all these stress factors we propose a complete Gynaec health check up for our esteemed clientage which will include following:

  • Primary consultation with detailed history
  • Gynac check up
  • Breast Examination
  • TVS and 4-D sonography
  • PAP smear
  • Blood examination [CBC, RBC, Thyroid]
  • Urine R & M [c/s if needed]
  • ECG.
  • Chest X Ray
  • Mammography.


Many times it has been found that disease remains unmasked witho9u any complaint [chronic cervical infection, cervical erosions, cervical and endometrial polyps, endometrial cavity foreign body, myomas, adenomas, endometriosis, fallopian tubes problems, tumors of ovaries and certain pre malignant conditions]. These are the problems that can be detected by TVS which is non invasive, safe, reproducible and cost effective. This diagnosis can be reconfirmed by 4D sonography, CT Scan or MRI.


Pananicolun test – well known as PAP test is also an outdoor procedure. The mouth of uterus – cervix is scrapped with spatula and endo cerical brush and sent for pathological examiniation by preparing slides.

This is a primary mass screeningtest for detection of maligacies of cervix and endocervix. Woman who has given birth to one child or is of 35 years age plus should undergo this basic test.


Though woman are well known protected against heart problems; but after menoause when estrogen level recedes they are equally prone to heart problems to their male counter part.

Thyroid Testing

It is surprising to note that many women develop poor function of thyroid in their 40’s. Detection and treatment of thyroid dysfunction may help them to improve their look to their weight gain.

Sugar Testing

Many sub clinical diabetes can be detected which makes the prone to recurrent vaginal infection and problem in their sex life.


Breast cancer is a killer disease among female in India which comes second after cervical cancer, if remains undetected. Clinical examination of brest and mammography may conclude the health status of breast.