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What are the Reasons for Secondary Infertility?

What are the Reasons for Secondary Infertility?

When you read any term consisting of the word infertility, you may assume it is related to not getting pregnant naturally, where couples visit the best gynaecologist for possible treatments. Well, you are on the right track but let’s break the term and understand it. Infertility is what you already know when couples cannot conceive naturally. Secondary means second time in this medical term. So, secondary infertility is when the couple cannot conceive the second time naturally.

In other words, the couple conceived and gave birth to the first child without help from infertility medications or treatments. However, when they desire to have a second child naturally, the couple is unsuccessful.

Sometimes, couples are able to conceive naturally, but they are not able to carry for long. Basically, the couple is facing recurrent pregnancy loss. That’s when they visit the best gynecologist hospital in India, like us, to examine the conditions and give them a solution.

However, before coming to the treatment, they often want to know why they are facing secondary infertility in the first place. So, in this blog, we will talk about the reasons for secondary infertility in men and women. Let’s start with women.

Reasons for secondary infertility in women

Woman's age

If women are conceiving in their 20s and early 30s, they have higher chances of getting pregnant naturally, as they are most fertile at this age. As the age increases, the quality and the number of eggs produced decrease. Then the eggs produced may or may not have enough capability to form the embryo. Hence, if you are in your late 30s or early 40s, you must visit the best gynae in Ahmedabad, like us, to suggest the right treatment.

Uterus’s health

If you have gone through surgical delivery of your first child or there is pelvic scarring, you may not go through a healthy second pregnancy. The surgery and conditions may affect the fertilisation process. Further, you may face conditions like a blockage in the fallopian tube, which becomes a hurdle in the implantation of the embryo.

Another condition related to the uterus's health is ectopic pregnancy. When the fallopian tube has a blockage or scar, the embryo attaches itself to the lining of the tube instead of the uterus, which is called an ectopic pregnancy. Due to the blockage or the scar, the egg may not reach the uterus. In such a case, fertilisation takes place in the fallopian tube itself. Most of these cases result in miscarriage. You can contact us if you are going through any of these situations. We have the best gynaecologist in Ahmedabad, India who will guide you to the reasons and the solutions.

Weight gain & changes in diet

Weight gain can result in ovary dysfunction in some women. You may want to keep your weight in check while planning for a second child. Also, any changes in your diet may affect fertility.

Reasons for secondary infertility in men

We discussed the reasons that may cause secondary infertility in women. Let’s talk about the reasons for men.

Men’s age

Age is a factor for both women and men; as age increases, the quality of sperm decreases. There can also be less movement of sperm, which affects the fertilisation process. If you are in your 40s, you can reach us for possible treatments.

Toxic lubricants & chemicals

The use of toxic sexual lubricants can affect sperm. You must use non-toxic, natural lubricants, which include petroleum jelly, vegetable oils, and more. Additionally, you are being exposed to pesticides, industrial chemicals, excessive heat, or lead can impact your fertility.

Decreased testosterone levels

Testosterone is essential in sperm production. These levels can reduce because of aging, injury to urinary or genital organs, or other medical conditions.

Weight gain

Another point which can be an important factor in women as well as men. Excessive weight gain may affect fertility because it may reduce testosterone levels and add to estrogen levels.


Hopefully, you have understood the causes that can lead to secondary infertility in women and men. If you are facing secondary infertility, reach out to us. As the best gynae hospital, we can conduct necessary examinations and suggest possible treatments.

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