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4 Diet Tips to Enhance the Success of the IVF Cycle

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4 Diet Tips to Enhance the Success of the IVF Cycle

Many couples face the problem of infertility in India. Thanks to the latest technology, we have many infertility treatments available so that the dream of becoming parents can come true. One of the most common infertility treatments is IVF (In vitro fertilization). Let’s understand the IVF procedure in brief before getting to the diet tips during the IVF cycle.

IVF procedure starts with examining the conditions of both partners. The next step is to store sperm from the male partner and eggs from the female partner. The embryo is created in a controlled environment of the laboratory. Lastly, the embryo is transferred directly to the uterus, and she has to take the pregnancy test after two weeks. Now that you know the procedure in brief, you must also understand what you should or shouldn’t eat before and during the IVF treatment to enhance its success. So, let’s begin.

Green leafy vegetables

Generally, we eat more spicy and fast-food at regular intervals and less nutritious food. However, you cannot neglect healthy food. You need your body healthy even before you start the IVF cycle. And a healthy body requires proper nutritious food daily. What can be a better way of starting with green leafy vegetables? You must also intake more vitamins rich food to keep your body healthy at the time of the IVF cycle and enhance the chances of success rate. We have the best IVF doctor in Ahmedabad, who gives all this guidance to our patients. After all, diet is one of the essential aspects of keeping your body healthy.

Add legumes to your daily diet

Legumes play a massive role in keeping a healthy diet. You must start consuming soya beans, pinto beans, navy beans, lentils, black beans, and more. These are high in fibre and are a good source of protein. Additionally, they are low in cholesterol and have a low-fat percentage, so you don’t worry about your fat intake. The best part of having legumes is developing good digestion and a good follicle quality which is necessary for fertility.

Switch to low-fat dairy products

Many times, people make mistakes. They consume more dairy products. They are on the right path but need to stop here and switch to low-fat dairy products. These are rich in protein and calcium, which help you maintain a healthy weight along with enhancing fertility. You must be wondering what also comes into low-fat dairy products. Well, you can consider having skimmed milk, semi-skimmed milk, and other products made from these types of milk.

Avoid processed food, alcohol, and caffeine

We discussed what all kinds of food you must take so far. It’s time to discuss what you must avoid before and during the IVF cycle. The list of which is small. But it is significant. You must avoid processed food, as it increases obesity and cholesterol. In addition, it consists of artificial flavours and chemicals. Our IVF specialist in Ahmedabad advises avoiding such processed food. And most importantly, you must avoid alcohol and caffeine so that it doesn’t affect the body during the IVF cycle.

To summarise, you anyway have a bit of stress about the success of the IVF cycle. The least you can do is follow these tips and keep positive thoughts. These two aspects will impact a lot, as they are associated with your health. Many couples also have anxiety about the IVF treatment cost in India. If you are one of them, do not worry. All the expenses are not fixed but according to your health conditions. You can book an appointment with our IVF specialist for more information.

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