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What is the Process of IUI Treatment?

What is the Process of IUI Treatment?

Many couples are unable to conceive naturally. There are many reasons as well as treatments for this situation. One of the treatments is intrauterine insemination (IUI).

During the IUI treatment in India, our infertility specialists put sperms directly inside the uterus. However, the treatment consists of many steps apart from the transition of sperms. Let’s understand each step.

Stimulate egg growth

IUI treatment begins with stimulating the egg growth of a woman. The medication is given either orally or through injection for the growth and maturation of eggs. The injection is recommended in the area with body fat, like the stomach or the top of the thigh. Oral medication requires 5 days of continuous consumption, whereas injectable medication takes 8-12 days depending upon the response of the ovaries.

Ultrasound and blood monitoring

While a woman is in the process of injectable medication, she requires brief ultrasound appointments every 2-3 days in order to monitor egg development. In addition, certain blood tests are completed to check the hormonal levels that are related to egg growth and ovarian function. With the help of testing and monitoring, our infertility specialists check and ensure the safe progress of IUI treatment in Gujarat.

Ovulation induced

Once our specialists observe a ripe egg, they give a trigger shot to the woman. It causes ovulation within 36 hours.

Sperm sample processed

The male partner provides sperm or donor sperm is processed in the laboratory. The procedure involves washing the sperm to remove debris and immobile sperm. Also, substances, that may cause severe cramping, are removed.

Insemination Procedure

A woman lies on an examination table just like a routine check-up. The processed sperm is injected through a ting, long, and flexible catheter into the uterus. This procedure takes seconds to complete. Also, it is an entirely painless process. Once, the process is finished, a woman cannot always see immediate impacts on the chances of pregnancy. Further, under certain circumstances, insemination is recommended two days in a row. However, some cases require one well-timed insemination process.


For some women, additional hormonal support is required for preparing the uterine lining for pregnancy. It is usually suggested for women facing recurrent miscarriages.

After two weeks of the insemination process, the blood testing says whether the woman is pregnant or not. Here the IUI process is finished. Now, you must be thinking about the cost this process requires. Let us tell you that the IUI treatment cost in India depends upon the health and conditions of a woman.

In final words, the IUI process is recommended for certain cases. We have the best infertility specialists who suggest going through all kinds of tests and choosing the right infertility treatment for you.

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