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What is Test Tube Baby Treatment? When do I need it?

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What is Test Tube Baby Treatment? When do I need it?

Infertility is a common medical condition due to endocrine problems, poor diet, stress, overweight, and health factors. Infertility can happen to both men and women, but fortunately, medical advances can now help couples experience paternity regardless of the complications of infertility.

Test tube baby treatment, medically called IVF (in vitro fertilization), is one of the most successful treatments to eliminate infertility issues and welcome new life. We understand that couples find it challenging to open up about their infertility journey. However, knowing your options will definitely help you make the right decision in life. Every couple should know about test tube baby treatment. Before that, if you are having trouble conceiving, immediately consult our experts at Sunflower Hospital, the most renowned Best fertility hospital in India.

What is test tube baby treatment?

Natural pregnancy occurs when semen enters a woman’s vagina and flows through the uterus, where the adult egg is fertilized by semen, and pregnancy occurs. Infertility occurs when one or both partners lack fertility factors that play an important role in conception.

Test Tube Baby Treatment or IVF Procedure at  Sunflower Hospital Ahmedabad’s best test tube baby center to help a woman suppress her menstruation to weeks begin with medication. When the eggs are mature enough, our IVF specialists will perform minor surgery, called the “egg reticulation” procedure, in which the mature eggs are collected using a thin needle-like tool. The specialist then lays the eggs in an environmentally controlled chamber and infects the sperm supplied by the male partner or donor.

After some time the best-fertilized embryo is selected for the embryo transfer process. The IVF procedure is successful when one of the embryos sticks to the lining of the uterus, while the woman becomes pregnant and heals the baby.

When do you need a test tube baby treatment?

Here are some of the factors that determine a couple’s eligibility for IVF treatment:

  • Fallopian tube obstruction due to ectopic pregnancy
  • Many follicles develop during the stimulation process.
  • The couple had unprotected sex for over a year and with the unsuccessful initial treatment, they could not conceive naturally.
  • Ovarian reserves are low in the female partner
  • After the age of 35-40, a woman often has difficulty conceiving and may need IVF treatment.
  • 10% of couples experience infertility for unexplained reasons.

At Sunflower Women’s Hospital, we have the India best IVF doctor who not only focuses on suggesting the treatment but also believes in patient education to ensure the couples take the right decision before planning a new member in the house.  Get your appointment today with our specialist IVF specialists and doctors.

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