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What effect does diabetes have on fertility and sexual health?

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What effect does diabetes have on fertility and sexual health?

Diabetes has a significant impact on fertility health. Fertility experts at the IVF Center in Ahmedabad have observed that 80% of cases of infertility exist due to the problem of diabetes. The cost of test-tube babies in India is quite low as compared to other countries, which is the main reason why people who face any issue of infertility are very comfortable going to the infertility hospital.

So in today’s blog, we’ll learn about the consequences of diabetes on fertility health:

Before you know the consequences, diabetes is a condition that occurs when your body increases sugar (glucose). Insulin is the hormone that is responsible for lowering blood sugar

Insulin is made in the pancreas
If the pancreas is unable to produce these hormones due to a faulty condition, blood sugar levels will continue to rise.

Erectile dysfunction
While it is common for men with blood pressure problems, it is certain that erectile dysfunction is a problem in which many people have difficulty maintaining an erection.

Low sex drive
Both genders that are experiencing problems due to the debates and blood pressure will likely experience an issue in the sex drive. It may not be a problem for some, but it can cause problems in relationships and make it difficult for others.

Retrograde Ejaculation
This is when the semen doesn’t get out of the body. Instead, it is returned to the bladder. This can also be a problem. This happens when the muscles around the bladder opening aren’t properly closed.

Balanitis refers to the condition that causes inflammation at the penis’ end. This can disrupt your sexual experience.

No sooner, you encounter positive diabetes reports, than you should report the same to the doctor. The early consultation with the doctor will ensure that the reproductive or sexual consequences are not getting worsened. India best IVF doctor try to control the progression of diabetes with the help of specialties or treatment.

If you’re unsure about who to choose to consult, we recommend that you visit us. Since 2004, Sunflower Hospital has been helping infertile couples. We want each couple to be happy and blessed with a baby.

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