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Surrogate screening

Surrogacy for social reasons such as the inconvenience of carrying a child, fear of pregnancy or interrupting a career is not accepted.

Women who agree to become a surrogate may do so for compassionate reasons to help a sister, daughter or friend. Some women may agree to become surrogates for financial remuneration.

Surrogacy is a method of reproduction whereby a woman agrees to become pregnant and deliver a child for a contracted party.

To become a surrogate the woman should fulfill the following criteria:
  • Age between 21 & 35 years old.
  • A non smoker, on drug user who maintained a healthy life style.
  • Must have successfully carried at least one pregnancy till full term.
  • In a stable living situation.
  • If married, have a spouse who is supportive of her decision to become a surrogate mother.
  • Have a healthy, weight/height ratio.
  • Should have a healthy life style and no addictions and no genetic diseases.
Surrogate Screening:

Once the surrogate has been selected, she undergoes a full medical and laboratory evaluation. These include following.

  • A careful medical and family history
  • A thorough physical examination
  • A psychological evaluation
  • Blood test for HIV, Hepatitis B & C an other sexually transmitted disease.
  • Cervical cultures for organisms such as Chlamydia and ureaplasma
  • An evaluation of the uterus by hysteroscopy
  • Blood test- complete blood count, prolactin, thyroid stimulation hormone, ultrasound of pelvis and abdomen.