Role of USG in IUI

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+Ovulation Induction
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Role of USG in IUI
Ultrasound monitoring in IUI cycle
  • Ultrasound monitoring through trans vaginal sonography is done starting from day 7 after administration of ovulation induction agent or day 9 of natural cycle.
  • Ovulation trigger is administered when follicle reaches maturity i.e. > 18 mm mean diameter
The potential signs of impending ovulation are
  • Presence of a dominant follicle (usually more than 16 to 18 mm)
  • Peri vascular blood flow encompassing 3/4th of follicular circumference. Perifollicular blood flow PSV > 10 cm/sec.
  • Anechoic area, double contour, around the follicle (possible ovulation within 24 hrs.)
  • Separation and folding of the follicle lining (ovulation within 6 to 10 hrs.)
  • Thickened proliferative endometrium
How USG confirms that there is ovulation?
  • Sonography does appear to be very reliable in confirming ovulation once ovulation hasoccurred. Disappearance of the follicle is noted in 91 percent of cases after ovulation.