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Looking for an Infertility Hospital in Ahmedabad for IUI treatment?

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Looking for an Infertility Hospital in Ahmedabad for IUI treatment?

IUI (intrauterine insemination) is a fertility treatment option and is one of the most widely used techniques by infertility specialists after failure to conceive only with the help of fertility drugs. This procedure is less expensive and invasive compared to other treatments such as IVF. In short, it is a process in which sperm is placed in the uterus at the time of ovulation or when a woman is ovulating. The most motile sperm are separated from the rest of seminal plasma, dead and immotile sperm through sperm-wash techniques and are then suspended in a media and later inseminated into the female partner’s uterus at the time of ovulation in the IUI process so that motile sperm can reach the fallopian tube and increase the likelihood of fertilization.

When to undergo an IUI treatment?

  • Male sexual dysfunction such as erection issues, premature ejaculation.
  • Low sperm count and poor sperm quality call for IUI treatment.
  • In females, problems in the cervix and antibodies against sperm in cervical mucus.
  • Unexplained infertility.
  • In conjunction to ovulation induction in patients with ovulatory disorders like PCOS, endometriosis.

The checklist is essential before performing IUI treatment

  • Possible to produce healthy and higher number of eggs ( 2 or 3 )during ovulation.
  • A decent number of sperms in semen ought to be available.
  • In the case of utilizing donor sperm, the absence of any infection (HIV and Hepatitis B in donor ) is required.
  • Both or atleast one fallopian tubes should be properly working, with no blockage or obstacle in the way for the egg to meet the sperm.
  • The uterus of a woman ought to be normal and act as a decent host for an embryo.

Factors to Consider Before an IUI Procedure
Before going for any treatment, one should ensure that the couple is very aware of the facts and factors related to the procedure. When it is undergoing an IUI treatment, know the following comments:

Male Factors:- First, IUI is not exactly preferred in cases of extreme male infertility, as it can only be used in cases of mild male infertility, but a comprehensive semen examination still remains an important factor. A post wash sperm concentration of 10 million/ ml gives optimum results, whereas with a post wash count of 4-5 million sperms per ml IUI can still be considered. Sperm preparation is usually done by swim up technique or density gradient technique.

Female Factors:- One of the most noteworthy female factors directly associated with success of IUI is her age. The age of a female determines egg quality. The quality of oocytes diminishes with the increasing age of a woman, so ones needs to take a call whether to go with IUI or not as more successful fertility treatment options like IVF would be more suitable for women of advanced age. Also, if infertility is caused because of fallopian tube blockage, it’s not a favorable condition for IUI. The odds of conception with IUI seem to be less in women with a history of pelvic inflammatory disease.

IUI is a commonly utilized treatment option for infertility issues. Though the success rates of an IUI cycle differ from individual to individual, a wise analysis of the success deciding factors before proceeding, can push you close to a positive result. Thus, if looking for wise advice, consult the best infertility specialist in Ahmedabad who can guide you with the best and supports you throughout the treatment procedure.

What are you waiting for? Now you know that IUI is a safe, less expensive and relatively painless process, why don’t you call the best IVF center in Ahmedabad for a consultation today? Get world-class infertility treatment at the most affordable costs with High Success Rates.

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