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IVF Treatment – The Great Way to Deal Infertility Problems

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IVF Treatment – The Great Way to Deal Infertility Problems

IVF Treatment – The Great Way to Deal Infertility Problems

IVF is the new age technology that gives a ray of hope to infertile couples. It is the most successful infertility treatment till date. When a woman conceives naturally, an egg from woman and sperm from man meet in the woman’s fallopian tubes to form an embryo. Both fallopian tubes join the ovaries of the uterus (Womb).

In the process of IVF, the whole fertilization procedure happens outside the body. In this procedure, eggs from women are removed through trans vaginal needle guided aspiration and then fertilized with sperm in the laboratory utilizing advanced technology. The embryo thus formed is cultured in IVF laboratory for 3 to 5 days then one/two best embryos are transferred to woman’s womb for further development. The major stages in the process of IVF are as follows:

  1. Injectable gonadotropins are administered to female partner to stimulate multifollicular development ( eggs ). More the eggs are retrieved in order to from higher number of embryos thereby permitting selection of best grade embryos for embryo transfer .
  2. She undergoes trans vaginal sonography monitoring on 2-3 occasions during injectables to determine mature follicle size. Usually patients are administered injectables for a period of 8-10 days. In a few cases, blood tests are additionally being conducted on the patient to monitor patient’s response.
  3. Trigger injection is administered once follicles are of mature size on sonography for final follicular maturation.
  4. Eggs are retrieved under anaesthesia through trans vaginal needle guided aspiration.
  5. Eggs are fertilized in IVF laboratory through IVF (in vitro fertilization) or ICSI ( intra cytoplasmic sperm injection ).The resulting embryos are cultured in laboratory for 3-5 days, during which time they are graded morphologically . The one or two embryos are transferred back woman’s womb and remaining good quality ones are frozen.
  6. In a few cases all embryos are frozen and transferred at a later date if certain factors like endometrial thickness, character, progesterone levels, hyper response do not permit fresh embryo transfer.

However, before the transfer of the embryo (developing life), it is important to converse with the couples to discuss the number of embryos to be transferred before the treatment.

IVF treatment in Ahmedabad at Sunflower Women’s Hospital has become increasingly successful with success rates of 70 % in first attempt of embryo transfer and 90 % cumulatively in 2 embryo transfer attempts. People with infertility issues would now be able to get success rates in IVF matching international standards here. Sunflower Hospital is Best of the Best IVF center situated in Ahmedabad. Here you can get solution of all your question related to infertility.

Sunflower Hospital stands out amongst the most trusted fertility hospitals in India standards for infertility treatment in Ahmedabad and Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) like IUI, IVF/ICSI, IMSI, PESA, TESA, TESE & Micro TESE and so on. With extraordinary patient care, a reputation of high IVF success rate, Sunflower Hospital has become the first choice for couples looking for fertility treatment from everywhere throughout the world.

Do share your infertility story with us, and our Infertility Specialist will get back to you with solutions.

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