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Is IVF Treatment Painful?

Is IVF Treatment Painful?

Are you looking for IVF treatment? Are you in fear of bearing pain while undergoing IVF? If yes, then this article is only for you. Keep reading to know the phases of IVF treatment and whether it is painful.

IVF is certainly not a painful procedure for all women. Previously injectables that were administered during IVF stimulation were given intramuscularly, but now with recombinant DNA technology highly purified FSH is available which can be administered subcutaneously, which causes minimal discomfort. Also with the advent of antagonist protocol in IVF, number of injectables has gone down significantly. Also with the freeze-all strategy, the risk of OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) has been nearly nullified. No rest is required too.

What are the phases where women experience pain?
  • Ovarian Stimulation
  • Egg Retrieval
  • Embryo Transfer

Ovarian Stimulation: There are most of the patients who experienced pain or discomfort during ovarian stimulation where women need to take stimulation medication in the form of shots to regulate her fertility hormones which assist her in producing more healthy and mature eggs in the ovaries. To provide you relief from the agony your IVF specialist will give you acetaminophen and furthermore apply heat/cold packs in the affected area.

Egg Retrieval: Egg retrieval is the phase where most of the women get nervous as this is a stage the eggs will be extracted from woman’s ovaries utilizing a needle under general anesthesia. During egg retrieval, your IVF specialist will insert an ultrasound probe into the vaginal canal. The ultrasound probe has been attached to the needle, which aspirates the fluid and egg follicles from the woman’s ovaries.

Because of the kind of anesthesia that has been utilized during the treatment, you won’t feel any pain during the egg retrieval process. However, some women may experience abdominal cramping following a day or two of the procedure which can be relieved with oral analgesics.

Embryo Transfer: The embryo transfer is the stage where any healthy embryos that developed are placed in the woman’s uterus.

Embryo transfer is a phase where a specialist embryologist will transfer one or more embryos into the woman’s uterus utilizing ultrasound guidance and implant the embryo utilizing a catheter. This whole procedure you can see on an ultrasound screen and this procedure are not at all a painful one.

To sum up :

The procedure which can give you the biggest gift of your life is quite comfortable and involves minimal physical pain which advances in IVF technology.

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