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Is It Possible To Track Ovulation With Irregular Periods?

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Is It Possible To Track Ovulation With Irregular Periods?

If you are planning to conceive, your gynae will ask you to track ovulation. As it helps in increasing the chances of conception and you can plan your pregnancy. But, what if your periods are not regular? In that case, it may appear to keep track of the ovulation cycle. However, certain techniques can help you track your ovulation and manage it effectively. But do you know why it is necessary to do this?

Why is the ovulation window important?

First of all, it is important to understand that the uterine cycle plays a very important role when a woman plans to conceive. During this period, a woman’s eggs are most likely to be fertilized by semen. In such a situation, women need to make good use of this time.

How to track ovulation?

Let us take you through the top-notch strategies that can help you track ovulation with irregular menstrual cycles.

Make a Chart

First of all, you need to start creating a monthly chart with all the irregularities. This way it will give a better understanding of the menstrual cycle and you will be able to follow a better way to conceive. It helps you determine the pattern. Also, you can use it when you plan to treat fertility and have your fertility specialist design the treatment plan accordingly.

Check the cervical mucus

To track your ovulation, you’ll need to check your cervical mucus. During this specific time, cervical mucus changes. Your cervical mucus remains dry for the first few days. Once the ovulation phase begins, the cervical mucus clears up and the secretions are in the right amount. When it is time for ovulation, the mucus will feel slippery and may stretch. To be clear you can compare saliva with egg-like white color consistency.

Check your body temperature

When the ovulation cycle begins, you will notice a change in basal body temperature. You might not know but it changes very quickly. To keep track of your ovulation, you need to track your core body temperature every day of the month. In most cases, basal body temperature is expected to rise with ovulation.

Consider using a kit

Along with the above-mentioned tips, you must make use of predictive kits that you can buy from the market. This would be the best option when you need to consider fertility monitoring. The kit will help to check hormone levels that are near during ovulation. You can tell your fertility specialist the exact information and she can plan accordingly what is best for you.

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