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How is IVF treatment done step by step?

How is IVF treatment done step by step?

At the best IVF center in Ahmedabad, fertility specialists will process the IVF process at various stages including:

Stop your natural menstruation

This is the first step, to begin with, the IVF cycle at the Test Tube Baby Center in Ahmedabad.

Increase the number of eggs

After that, doctors will suggest some injections that will increase the number of eggs. In this way, it will increase the probability of conception.

Egg retrieving

This process is simple and results in no pain. Overall it takes a few minutes to do this. To increase the success rate, the doctor will target  8 to 15 eggs average  during the procedure.


In this method, the egg and sperm are kept in a controlled environment with each other, which improves the success rate. This will result in an embryo that will be transferred preferably  when it reaches the blastocyst stage. It takes about 2 to 5 days.

Embryonic development and transfer

After fertilization, embryos are formed which are transferred back to the reproductive tract of women. The embryologist selects the fetus that is healthy and preferably  has no chromosomal abnormality.

2 weeks wait

After that, you need to wait for 2 weeks to check the pregnancy results. You need to wait at the fertility clinic and have a blood test to check the results.

How long does IVF treatment take to get pregnant?

Overall, IVF treatment takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete. When you go for a consultation, the procedure counselor will tell you when each procedure will come for the appointment.

What is the best age for IVF?

One of the recent studies has shown that the ideal age for women to receive IVF cycles is 40 years. Women are more likely to conceive at the age of 30. It is better to talk to the fertility doctor about what you must do.

How many injections do you need for IVF?

Ideally, a woman needs to take 8 to 10 injections per day or this may vary depending on your situation. The doctor will keep checking your condition to make sure that your body is responding well to the treatment.

Is the IVF process painful?

The IVF procedure itself is not painful. These are just some of the steps that can be taken during the IVF cycle. Your doctor will give you detailed guidance on how to carefully manage each stage of treatment to increase the chances of conception.

Can you ask for IVF twins?

Yes! It is possible to produce twins with IVF. For that, you should talk to a fertility expert and she will give you a better idea of how many embryos must be transferred.

Are IVF   children normal ??

IVF children are normal and healthy. This treatment gives birth to millions of babies around the world who can talk, walk, eat and do any other work like babies born during normal pregnancy.

How many rounds of IVF are normal?

Ideally, it is normal to go through about 3 IVF cycles. You should consult your fertility specialist for more clarity and talk about it.

Can IVF work for the first time?

Yes! May be successful before the IVF cycle. All you need to do is follow all the instructions and instructions given by your fertility specialist.

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