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How Hormonal Imbalances Affect Your Fertility

How Hormonal Imbalances Affect Your Fertility

The endocrine glands in our body produce signaling molecules called cell hormones that are responsible for controlling or signaling distant organ cells to perform specific functions. Hormones play an important role in monitoring certain important processes, such as regulating the growth of fertility cells. Different hormones work together to run our fertility system. Therefore, the number of hormones produced and the time when they are released from our glands need to be highly precise and balanced for the flawless functioning of our body. And when the levels of one or a few of these hormones decrease or increase, it leads to endocrine imbalances and its further consequences.

Even men experience hormonal imbalance but are less likely than women. In men, this condition can cause various unrelated symptoms including the following symptoms:

  • Low sperm count
  • Abnormal reduction in body hair growth
  • Experiencing erectile dysfunctioning
  • pattern hair loss over the head
  • Breast tenderness or gynecomastia

The diagnosis of hormonal imbalance in women includes a variety of physical symptoms such as:

  • Either constipation or diarrhea
  • Irregular, painful periods, with or without vaginal spotting.
  • Unexpected weight gain
  • Abnormal facial or chest hair growth

Hormones play a major role in regulating our fertility system, so any imbalance in reproductive hormones in any of the partners prevents the possibility of pregnancy.

In women, for pregnancy to occur, the hormone responsible must be present and regulate the development of the egg in their ovary, which is then released into their fallopian tube. Hormones also ensure that the lining of the uterus becomes thick enough to implant the fetus. While in the male body, some other hormones indicate the production and release of semen in the female vagina. And only when both of these procedures are done properly, can the spouse be a healthy child.

Treatment of Hormonal imbalance for Healthy Fertility:

Medications for the treatment of hormonal imbalance:

Some drugs can directly improve hormone production, restore normal thyroid function, induce ovulation, or even act indirectly by triggering a fully mature egg. Medications are given only after a thorough assessment of the health and overall condition of the patients.

Lifestyle Changes for the treatment of hormonal imbalance:

The first treatment option of any infertility specialist in Ahmedabad suggests for hormonal imbalance, there are some planned lifestyle changes that can increase balanced hormonal production and reduce excess weight and follow a healthy diet like hormonal imbalance. These changes can normalize hormone levels and improve your chances of pregnancy for sure.

IVF Treatment:

It is by far the most effective treatment for couples suffering from hormonal imbalances and having difficulty conceiving. IVF is a type of assisted reproduction technique (ART) where female eggs are obtained from their ovaries and fertilized with male sperm in a controlled environment. This treatment is extremely safe and proves to be medically effective.

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