Complication in IUI

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Complication in IUI

The risk for complications with intrauterine insemination is very low.

There are also risks of hyperstimulation associated with the use of ovulation induction medications such as clomiphene citrate (low risk) and gonadotropin therapy (higher risk). Proper technique and adequate monitoring reduce risks.

Multiple pregnancies with Ovulation induction and IUI. Chance is low with clomephine citrate (8%) and higher with Gonadotropins ( 25%)

The woman could develop an infection in the uterus and tubes from bacterial contamination that originated either in the semen sample, or through a contamination of the sterile catheter in the vagina or cervical area during the procedure. Careful cleaning of the cervix and cautious technique make this a rarity.

Though complications of IUI are infrequent, they include infection, uterine cramping, and rarely, transmission of venereal disease from the semen sample.

If no pregnancy is achieved after three IUI’s, specialists may recommend more advanced reproductive therapies such as IVF.