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Can Women Take COVID-19 Vaccine While Undergoing IVF Treatment

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Can Women Take COVID-19 Vaccine While Undergoing IVF Treatment

Since vaccination began and people began to take advantage of it, many questions have been raised regarding the effectiveness, safety, and availability of vaccine shots. But the most important question among people today is whether pregnant women or women planning a pregnancy or undergoing IVF treatment get these vaccine shots?

Vaccine safety in pregnant women

The second COVID-wave has the opposite effect. Therefore, getting vaccinated will be a priority for everyone. The Government of India has approved the introduction of the COVID vaccine to breastfeeding women; the Vaccination of pregnant women is still pending approval. Although there have been no studies regarding the vaccine on pregnant women and due to the paucity of data, doctors do not give a thumbs-up. Conversely, pregnant women are at higher risk of contracting the disease, and women suffering from concomitant diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure are at higher risk of suffering from it.

Both vaccines are prepared without live viruses; So they should be harmless. Getting jabs becomes more important for women employed as healthcare workers or frontline workers, as the vaccine is proven to be an effective shield against daily exposure to the invisible virus.

If a woman is planning a natural pregnancy and postpones that plan for a while, it is advisable to do so and take the first shot as a priority. And if a woman gets pregnant after the first shot, there is no need to panic.

Disclaimer :

Does the vaccine negatively affect fertility?

There is a myth that vaccination interferes with fertility, but this is not the case. This is because the vaccine does not interfere with fertility in men and women. In fact, with the second wave of high levels, getting vaccine shots should be everyone’s priority. Women who can postpone their natural pregnancy for a while can definitely get an injection first.

Is IVF Treatment a Safe Procedure During an Epidemic?

The risk of contracting is not high in most people of fertility age. Consult your India’s best IVF doctor about the best options for keeping you safe as well as for your treatment. The vaccine can probably be taken during treatment, as there are no complications with any of the fertility treatments. Those who can postpone treatment can go ahead and get the first shot, but not all couples get a chance to do so. Reducing ovarian reserve and aging may remove the chances of a positive outcome from treatment.

At Sunflower IVF Hospital in Ahmedabad, we follow all COVID-19 safety rules to keep the couple safe from contact. We schedule online counseling sessions, and blood samples can be collected with all COVID-19 safety norms. At the clinic, a physical appointment is segregated, and steps are taken to decontaminate the waiting area, we maintain a clean environment and adhere to covid-safety rules for optimal protection from our visitors.

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