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Can I plan another IVF child?

Can I plan another IVF child?

Couples experiencing paternity with IVF or other Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures go through emotional and social turmoil. After months of medical supervision and hospital visits, they finally start a family with their little fun bundle. There is no limit to the joy and satisfaction of holding your child. However, many couples are still incomplete and want a second child through IVF and ART procedures.

The search for a partner or playmate for their child brings them back to our IVF specialist for IVF Treatment in Ahmedabad. This blog will determine the factors for the IVF success rate and second child.

The Determining Factor success rate and determining factors of IVF for the second child

The purpose of having a second child is suitable for couples. What is important in terms of planning and professional help to conceive the next child through IVF. Studies have shown that a woman, after giving birth live through the ART procedure, has a 51% -88% higher chance of conceiving another child.

However, planning for a baby many years after the first delivery hinders the possibility of a successful outcome. The age factor plays an important role in determining the fertility rate through IVF. Therefore, most IVF specialists suggest couples planning to have another child early.

Frozen embryo from success rate and determining factors of IVF for the second child

Many couples seek help from a Best IVF center in Ahmedabad that can offer them frozen embryos. Records say that a stable fetus has a higher chance of a successful pregnancy than a naturally stimulated egg.

Many couples stabilize their fetus before IVF pregnancy. If they are not ready for another child in the future, the fetus adopts a stable couple from the adopted couple. Later, if the couple changes hearts, they can use their stable fetus and expand their family. In some cases, couples prefer to freeze their eggs and sperm at an early age, as they believe that the quality of their eggs and sperm will decline over time.

Realistic Expectation from success rate and determining factors of IVF for the second child

Although stable fetuses have shown the best results in conceiving a second child through IVF, this does not mean that every couple will experience success again. Several determining factors can manipulate the growth and fertilization process. The couple’s previous medical history will also play an important role in this process. Your infertility specialist will do a thorough health check to determine if your baby is safe to conceive. If you listen to the experts, we would suggest you plan a second baby as soon as possible after having your first successful IVF baby.

Sunflower Hospital has helped many couples experience the joys of fatherhood. The processes will be familiar to you at this time. You can take good care of your health and prepare your body to conceive once again. Our world-class treatment, team’s skills, and modern technological approach have made us the most-sought best IVF hospital in India.

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