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Are IVF children as normal as other children?

Are IVF children as normal as other children?

People still doubt how IVF children can be as normal as naturally concieved children, even though 40 years have passed since the birth of the first IVF child and more than 8 million children have been born through this technology. This is a common doubt couples who need IVF technology: are IVF children as normal as other children?

If a couple fails to conceive after trying to have intercourse for 12 consecutive months, they are medically defined an infertile couple. However, this does not deprive them of baring their own child, especially when medical science has now evolved to respond to almost every physical problem of the human body. There are many strange questions about the health of infants who are conceived through IVF. One of the main reasons for this may be the whole aspect of creating life at a microscopic level in a lab set up.

Our expert best Gynae in India states that “IVF children are as normal as other children”. The term used for IVF is “Assisted Reproductive Technology” rather than “artificial reproduction technology”. Females’ eggs are fertilized with the male partner’s sperm inside a laboratory setup. The embryo is formed as a result of this fusion. Once the embryo grows to be healthy, it is placed inside the mother’s womb through her cervix and since then the pregnancy is grows just like any other natural pregnancy.

Since the development of IVF treatment, more than eight million children are born with the help of the ART method. The Test Tube Baby Center in Ahmedabad focuses on rapidly upgrading its technology to improve success rates with IVF technology. We cannot deny the fact that IVF treatment is an emotional ride. It has expectations from parents, family, and the doctors involved.

Over the years, Sunflower Hospital has helped hundreds of intended parents to give birth to a healthy child and successfully continue the genetic legacy. Ultimately, no couple should be denied the right of conceiving their own genetic child. However for those who require egg donation or embryo donation, our centre offer good profile donors for the same.

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