Dr. R.G Patel Success Stories

Dr. R.G Patel Success Stories

Infertility treatment can be a long and stressful journey. We are offering these success stories to offer our patients hope during times of discouragement. By personalizing our extensive, research based and evidence based plans for each patient, we have been able to succeed where other fertility centers have failed. Whether it’s our years of experience, passion for treating infertility, innovative research or friendly staff, there are many reasons to choose DR. R. G. PATEL as your IVF consultant at SUNFLOWER WOMEN’S HOSPITAL.

  • An NRI couple with primary infertility of 10 years presented to Dr R G Patel’s OPD.
  • She had previous 5 failed IVF-ED cycles done in other IVF Centers.
  • In Sunflower Women’s Hospital after thorough hormonal evaluation and 4D USG; she was stimulated by HMG (150 IU).
  • OPU revealed 3 ovum, all of them were fertilized by her husband’s sperms. Day 3 ET was done of 3 Grade-I embryos ET was done.
  • Luteal support was given in standard doses of estradiol valerate, micronized progesterone, dydrogesterone & LMWH.
  • Day 15 HCG revealed positive results & she had single intra uterine pregnancy from her own embryo on the first attempt at our center.
  • At present she is 32 weeks and attending ANC OPD without significant risk factors.


  • A 45 years elderly lady came to Dr R G Patel’s OPD with secondary infertility with (no living children) of 28 years.
  • She was diagnosed to have multiple myoma & adenomyosis. Medically, she had severe hypertension with hypothyroidism.
  • She had undergone laparoscopic myomectomy 2 times in two different hospitals. One laparoscopy was converted to open surgery due to multiple adhesions.
  • She has attended various fertility centers &was actually advised Hysterectomy for menorrhagia & Dysmenorrhea.
  • Patient was mentally depressed but still had a glimmer of hope to have a child, hence she came to Dr R G Patel .
    3D USG at Sunflower Women’s Hospital revealed irregular bulky adenomyotic uterus with multiple fibroids with uterus having poor echotexture and totally ill defined endometrium & hydrosalpinx in both tubes.
  • She was posted for Laparoscopy after detailed counselling , physician workup & informed consent.
  • Laparoscopy revealed frozen pelvis and dense adhesions and bilateral big tubo ovarian masses. Adhesiolysis, bilateral salpingectomy & 8 fibroids from different locations were removed.
  • Post Laparoscopy she was given GnRH Analogues for 2 cycles.
    She was posted for IVF- Egg Donation with husband’s Sperms.
    To everybody’s joy, she conceived in the first cycle & had single intra uterine pregnancy.
  • At present she is in her third trimester & regularly attending our ANC OPD.


  • A couple attended Dr R G Patel’s OPD with previous 5 miscarriages & secondary infertility of 5 years.
  • Endocrinological Evaluation & 4 D USG revealed extreme strong PCOS (AMH 19 ng/ml) with small uterus and thin endometrium. Husband’s semen analysis showed severe oligoasthenozoospermia (OTA- Total count of 1.4 million, nil progressive motility.)
  • Dietary modifications & medicines were advised to the wife.
  • Husband was prescribed 3 months course of sperm nutrients & hormone therapy.
  • Wife was posted for laparoscopy & Ovarian Drilling was done long with tubal patency & hysteroscopy.
  • She was stimulated with gonadotropins & OPU was done. ICSI was done with husbands spem and all embryos were cryo preserved. Fresh Embryo transfer was not done as endometrium was thin (4 mm).
  • Embryo Transfer was done in subsequent cycle with endometrial preparation using estradiol valerate & Granulocyte stimulating factor. Even on day of ET endometrium was only 5.6 mm but triple line appearance.
  • She conceived in the first cycle & had singleton pregnancy.
  • Currently she is 34weeks & has had uneventful Antenatal Care (No GDM or PIH).
  • We plan to wait till 37 weeks & then take decision on USG & Doppler.


  • Mrs. S. M. P. was 38 years and married for 11 years, had tried all types of infertility treatments and three cycles of IVF treatment failed at a reputed centre outside. Her ovarian reserve was very less and she and her husband were desperate to conceive with her own eggs. She was advised egg donation for which she was reluctant. Depressed and dejected, the couple contacted DR R G PATEL for treatment. In her previous cycles she had only two eggs retrieved and one embryo formed. After improving ovarian reserve with DHEAS tablets for two months, DR R G PATEL modified the IVF stimulation protocol, collected two eggs, did ICSI and cryopreserved the resultant single grade 1 embryo. He started stimulation again and collected the resultant two eggs and cryopreserved the resultant single embryo. This modified stimulation protocol was done for a total of three times and three embryos were formed and cryopreserved. Lady was allowed to get into natural period and then estradiol valerate was given in increasing doses to build up endometrium and the three cryopreserved embryos were transferred after thawing. To everybody’s great joy, she conceived and single fetus grew well. She delivered a 2.9 kg healthy baby boy at 38 weeks.


  • Mrs. VRP was 43 years old with primary infertility of 19 years and history of very scanty periods. She had tried all sorts of treatment including 3 cycle of IVF with donor eggs but failed. All the primary investigations were normal except that her endometrial lining never grew beyond 4 to 5 mm. Her hysteroscopy was normal except for a small sized uterine cavity. Fundal and lateral Metroplasty was done to increase the uterine cavity volume. Granulocyte colony stimulating factor was instilled twice during endometrial stimulation before Embryo Transfer, endometrial mechanical scratch therapy was done to enhance endometrial receptivity but none gave satisfactory results. All efforts to increase endometrial thickness were in vain. In her 4th IVF donor egg cycle under DR R G PATEL, she was put on injection human menopausal gonadotrophins serially for 7 days and to our great surprise and joy her endometrium was 7.5 mm and showed triple line appearance on (TVS) USG. She conceived in the same cycle and conceived single pregnancy. Course of pregnancy was smooth and delivered healthy 2.6 kg baby boy at 37.4 weeks.


  • 31 years obese (weight 80 Kg & BMI 34) woman with primary infertility of eleven years, having strong features of PCOS & AMH was 10.5.
  • She has undergone 5 cycles of IUI + COH & Laparoscopy with LEOS & 3 IVF cycles in other centers.
  • She showed extremely poor endometrial development to standard therapy (estradiol valerate). So she was given therapy for weight loss & endocrine milieu improvement. Second look hysteroscopy with sample to rule out Pelvic Tuberculosis (Tb-PCR negative)
  • Endometrial Preparation was done after with sildenafil, L- Arginine, Granulocyte stimulating factor & Growth hormone preparation in addition to standard estradiol Valerate. In spite of all these medications her endometrium development was not satisfactory (always less than 5 mm).
  • She was posted for second Look Laparoscopy & extensive PCO Drilling was done (multiple punctures & wedge incisions).
  • She underwent IVF- OD in our center which showed biochemical pregnancy (HCG positive) but she underwent spontaneous miscarriage.
  • Patient went for second opinion & was diagnosed as “End Organ Failure” & advised Surrogacy.
  • She came to us again after gap of 1 year & left the final decision to us. We decided to give her one more trial after extensive endometrial preparation in a thaw cycle as we had Day3 embryos cryo preserved in our center. In This trail there was biochemical evidence of pregnancy Luteal Phase Support with micronized progesterone, Dydrogesterone & estradiol valerate. TVS done later confirmed single intra uterine gestational sac.
  • At present she is 6 weeks pregnant with cardiac activity present.
  • This case under lies the importance of “Second look Laparoscopy” with repeat Ovarian Drilling & also of the old saying… “Never Give Up”


  • 39 years lady with Primary Infertility of 17 years presented to OPD of Dr R G Patel with Decreased Ovarian Reserve (AMH 0.5) & Small Uterus. Semen report of husband showed severe OTA. She had under gone 7 cycles of IVF (own & donor gametes) at other various IVF centers.
  • After confirming findings she was advised estradiol valerate to improve uterine size. Hysteroscopy was done with fundal & lateral metroplasty. Husband was given medications to improve sperm count & motility.
  • She underwent IVF – Ovum Donation with ICSI was done with semen sample after masturbation showing very few (2-3) sperms at our center.
  • She showed positive HCG on follow up. She was given standard Luteal Support. At present she is 7 weeks pregnant with twin pregnancy.
  • This case underlies the importance of “Adjuvants in Semen Improvement” & “Role of Hormones in improving uterine size & vascularity”.
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